Anchor Centurion Tiles


I have  used but in very good condition roof tiles for sale.I had a single storey extension for 20 years with a sloping roof onto a wallplate. I then had it changed it to double storey. Hence the redundant low profile tiles. I have sold some but still have 175 left. £1 each or the whole lot for £ me on


They are located in Arlesey Bedfordshire and are also for sale on market place and ebay



Learn to SING Accompany yourself on guitar .

These are my stages to learning a song.
Firstly u can’t get thro the sheet without stopping.
Normally u also have to change a few chords or chord change places ,or delete a few chords u think aren’t necessary.

Also there may b chords changes u need to speed up on.
I personally then sing it to the melody notes cos i have a tendency to sing a note that goes with the chord.(the same one rather than go up and down) as the lady in the CHEMIST reminded me

Then at an appropriate point switch to singing to the chords SLOWLY! LOL
Then speed up as i get to know it more.
Don’t GET BORED WITH A SONG ONCE I CAN GET THRO IT ,and move on to a new one.
Thats Y i can get thro hundreds and only be competent @ say 30-40
I am trying  to address this issue lol

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Playing Guitar and Singing Without Music Sheets

I can’t do this so I have tried to think what I will need to do

1-The melody you need to sing exactly how this goes . (Have it burnt into your memory by repetitive  listening and singing) There are 12 half tones in an octave and u need to get 12/12 for every note because 11/12 sounds terrible (flat)

2-The chords you need to know them and the lyric you change chord on, (Chord Changes) And you might need to change from one chord to another quickly.(chord change practising for one to another)

3-The Lyrics obviously you need to remember them , but there is a bit a lee-way here , you can sing the verses in the wrong order ,or get some lines in the wrong verse and get away with it ,with those who don’t know the song.

I ‘ve decided to do away in Music sheets in 3 stages

1st stage use a sheet with just with the lyrics and chord change words highlited .

Put a list of all the chords used in the margin .

So all You have to do is chose the right ones  when playing.

I think I am onto something here my idea completely

Don’t Stop  (Fleetwoodmac )(*very easy first time this one)


2nd stage take out the highlites ,

3rd stage take away the lyrics

Everyone learns differently, so I have found 3 different methods.

Practice the method the suits you best.

With time, you’ll hopefully get it.

Method 1

  • Find an easy song that uses only a few easy chords and has an uncomplicated rhythm.
  • Memorize the words to the song and practice just singing it.
  • Get a metronome and set it on 4/4 time, then play the song while singing, “1 and two and 3 and 4…” repeatedly.
  • After this exercise, begin singing the song and playing your music in 4/4 time.

Method 2

  • Choose a song, set it up on your phone , and sing or hum along with it.
  • Practice until you can sing it without the music. Experiment with singing it in your head, too.
  • Play the song on your guitar until you can play it without thinking about the chords, the progression, or anything else.
  • Sing and play at the same time. Don’t concentrate too hard – default to your memory, and your subconscious should take over!

Method 3

  • Pick a song and memorize the words. Sing it aloud and sing it in your head without the guitar.
  • Play the music on your guitar until you have memorized it too, and can play without even thinking about it.
  • Now, go through the song (singing and playing) measure by measure. Repeat each measure, or a few measures at a time, until you can get through without errors.

The A B C D E of skin Cancer


The more moles someone has, the higher their risk of developing melanoma.

The following ABCDE guidance can help people identify moles that might need looking over by a doctor.


Look out for moles with an irregular shape.

Check for asymmetrical moles that have an irregular shape

Check for asymmetrical moles that have an irregular shape


Check for jagged edges.

People should look out for moles with irregular borders and jagged edges

People should look out for moles with irregular borders and jagged edges

Colour change

If a mole changes in colour or is a different colour in one part than in another, seek medical advice.

Moles that change colour or have a different colours within them should be looked over

Moles that change colour or have a different colours within them should be looked over


Any increase in size should be checked, but be particularly cautious of moles that grow more than around 6mm across.

Any change in size should be checked, but more than 6mm across is very concerning

Any change in size should be checked, but more than 6mm across is very concerning


The E section is generally classed as ‘elevation’; warning you to watch out for the mole being raised from the surface, particularly if this is irregular.

Yet, Dr David Fisher, director of the Melanoma Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains many dermatologists have different classifications for this.

His preferred word is ‘evolving’.

Dr Fisher previously told MailOnline: ‘Is it changing? Do you notice anything suspicious or concerning? That is key.’

Look out for moles that are raised or those that 'evolve' over time

Look out for moles that are raised or those that ‘evolve’ over time

Blemish was expected to turn cancerous 

Piers said: ‘[The dermatologist] took one look at it and he cut it out within the hour. He said, “Give that lady a gold star”. Because if I hadn’t done something fairly soon he was pretty certain it was going to turn cancerous.’

Ms Nuttal emailed the father-of-three, who is married to journalist Celia Walden, 41, after noticing a blemish on his chest when the camera panned in on him during the documentary.

Piers, who has previously had several moles removed, was shocked to receive the email but promptly visited his doctor.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Piers said he is very grateful to Ms Nuttal, adding: ‘The key thing [the doctor] said to me is to keep having a check-up.

‘I am living testament to getting it checked. You’re playing with lives if you don’t get this stuff checked. It takes 10 minutes’.

A  dermatologist was horrified and removed the blemish (pictured) within an hour

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Arlesey Silo

The best photo  i cud get of it taken from the aerial photo of the Brickworks . Going back to the aerial photo Clive Lombari there is no sign of the retaining wall next to it that had about a 4 foot drop to the railway, so the wall must have been built later, and there is no sign of railway tracks on the photo,so the railway was not that close

Arlesey silo

 Jim Bowskill brought the pictures to my attention.


“The silo was located in Hitchin Road. The track that went down to it was next to the end terraced house, metal railing 7 foot high fence with two big gates that were padlocked led down to it. Right next to railway line. Don’t know what it was storing it was not in use when we were kids” M.Wilkinson


I never seen another silo like it and i researched silos on the internet.

After discussing the silo on facebook we decided David Cain, Mick Wilkinson and myself decided that was probably because it was not a food silo but one for storing the cement before being loaded onto railway goods carriages.There was a very long metal ladder used to get up to the hoist in overhang for loading. “there were rail lines that used to go down to it from Arlesey sidings Station.” M.wilkinson

That’s how goods were transported in those days and lorries only used from the destination station to the building yards.


“That place was seriously scary. I heard there was a fire and someone died but don’t know if it was true

We were told it was haunted. Probably to frighten us from going in there. I’m glad it wasn t true”

Yvonne Bullivant

“Myself and Jimmy Grimes were always in there, The echo was awesome, we did find the odd 303 bullet in there. We used to climb to the top on the metal ladder that was fixed to the right hand side of the wall, it was later cut away for so called safety reasons and was later boarded up so couldn’t get in. There was a freshwater spring right next to it with crystal clear water bubbling out. It was split in two halves inside by a concrete sloping wall about 6 foot high which we used to climb over. Again it should have been a listed building.” M.Wilkinson

“Going on a bit but the song Wrecking Ball, that was how the silo was destroyed, I was standing there watching the silo being smashed to the ground by one of those, it was exciting at the time cause I was just a kid but now you realise it was another assault on Arlesey’s Arcitectural history. Destroyed and gone forever.The wrecking ball was on a big crane, I didn’t see anyone else there, only me and the crane driver. Took two or three days to wreck it due to all the metal reinforcing, demolished mid to late 60s “M.Wilkinson

During ww2 all silos were empty as food was scarce so they were used to store ammunition .                As this one had a ministry of defence building next to it , it was ideal. I looked at silos from all over the world and it was the only cement/concrete one i found. Therefore unique and priceless, probably due to the cement works was also at that location. The hand grenades and bombs were over the track side of the silo i took some home, mum and dad werent impressed .I had to take them back!! One turned up @ 112 high st a few yrs ago .Bomb disposal came out.

I cudnt get enough info on the POW Camp .It was also at the same location. The pows used to deactivate old weapons and ammunition? i heard somewhere. Some were control exploded in the pitts? Hearsay

Dixie Dean We played in there when we were kids because they had a bomb dump there . We climbed up the ladder inside and dragged the old bombs to the top and then dropped them .We are lucky we did not blow ourselves up.

We were always finding old bullets and grenades in there and in the old ammo dump on the right of the terraced houses M.Wilkinson
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