Arlesey Bury

    CCAW-C1b-016This was once the only important house in the village..Arlesey Fetes were held in Bury Meadow.

I reckon Monks first lived in the Bury mansion and worshiped at St Peters Church .They actually built the church in 1180 . A couple of Monks were on Duty at all times in Bury Lodge in the background.of the Photo. They then ran by tunnel to the mansion to warn the monks if anything untoward was happening. Then all escaped through the tunnel to the Fortified St Peters Church. St Peters Church was built in a remote part of the village , like Monasteries often were , Leading the monks into less temptation.

Colonel Arthur Evelyn Fyler lived in The Bury after his retirement in 1883. He was in the 50th Queen’s Own West Kent Regiment . He saw action in the Crimea , and was involved in the the battle of Alma and Inkerman and the siege and fall of Sevastapol.
He was involved in the latter part of the New Zealand  campaign , and was mentioned in dispatches in the Egyptian war of 1882. He died at The Bury aged 72 in 1912 .In 1894 The Bury Meadow became the main location for Arlesey Teams until after the World War ii . The owners Mr Waterton’s  played for the Arlesey The teams changed in Bury Hall and the team meeting were at the White Horse.

Howard Carter then bought it .He was a good man by all accounts and helped Arlesey’s poor

The track from Bury Mansion.
It was then purchased by Charles Waterton. He was a great supporter of Arlesey Football team and his sons played .1912 the landlord of the Lamb Inn told the football club they could no longer play on Lamb Meadow due to crowd trouble and the players preferring True Briton Ale to his .

Mr Waterton had moved into the Bury and he allowed Arlesey to use Bury Meadow for games. Mr Waterton also allowed the players use of  The Bury Hall to change , and the servants provided a healthy tea after the game for players and officials . After the war Arlesey Bury was still the home of the football team. Even though two of Mr Waterton’s sons had fallen John and Jos Waterton. The village had lost 87 young men in total . Crowd trouble reared its ugly head again and Arlesey were banned from playing any games at home at THE BURY for the rest of the 1920-21 season. But the team was still very successful , maybe another reason why the opposition were always putting in complaints against Arlesey. Arlesey Fetes were also held on The Bury Meadow.The cars tell us the era of the Fete photos shown below I would say 1940’s as the cars were boxes and black.

Colonel Windham was the next owner and his wife and some nuns ran a private school for girls in part of the house.
They left in 1939 and then Henry Lumsden shortly lived there .
In the 2nd World War the local search light battery were housed there.
1950 saw Three Counties Hospital purchase the house for its nursing staff.

The house was purchased by a builder who demolished Bury House but went bankrupt before he could rebuild it
Ted Bland then purchased it , and farmed it for a while , then sold it on to Chase Hill Road estate Developers.

Gyula told me the gardens were magnificent and a full time gardener lived in Bury Lodge.

The above house was built for London Brick Workers . Bill Pillar the London Brick Maintenance Foreman and family lived here.

After the War London Brick owned Bury Meadow and wanted it for their own Social Recreation activities. A bowling green was created. I remember George Crawley , Mick Murphy and Alec Whyte played there. Tea served in the White Horse after the games.

Gyula Papp arrived in Dover on 2nd December 1956 , it was a beautiful sunny day.
A recruitment man from Fairfield Hospital turned up saying , he had two Porter jobs going in Arlesey.
Gyula and his friend decided to stay in England and go for these jobs.
There were 200,000 Hungarian Refugees , and 13,000 came to England.
Gyula was billeted at the Bury Mansion when he arrived at Arlesey.

He was well pleased with his luxury accommodation.
The McLarens were running the Bury , his wife did all the cooking and cleaning.
Gyula didn’t speak a word of English.
Mr McLaren took Gyula and his mate down the White Horse , he thought he was going to treat him but he just lead them in and then left them.
They had 2 or 3 pints and Jack Riddick the landlord never ever asked for any money.
A very generous Scotsman .
I have heard all good stuff about Jack and Dot Riddick.
Gyula ‘s friend got a message that his wife was carrying on with another man.
This drove him so crazy he went back to Hungary , got caught by the secret police and executed.
Gyula told me when he went into the basement there were steps leading further down to another door which was under about 18 inches of water. This I think was the tunnel that lead to another door in the vestry of St Peters Church. The story goes if the Monks were under attack they could take refuge in the Fortified St Peters Church.
I was told in the 60’s Pamela Hare lived in Bury Lodge.
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