The Band Of Hope Parade Through Arlesey and Other Old Photos (16 old Photos)

10-the-gardens-henlow-5-bells-car-park bedfordshire_regiment_cap_badge cementworks first-arlesey-team medal roll card  old-vicarage ranji  Three counties farmers1 youngherbertI assume this Band of Hope  parade 1915 was organised to try and lift spirits during the First World War.The parade started at Newtown Arlesey and they marched to Bury Meadow where they had organised a Fete with various displays.

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There are two photos of the Firemen probably employed by Three Counties Asylum.

Don’t just love the frilly clothes from that era. Notice the shoes are very substantial.

The girls wore pineys to keep their clothes clean , and the men’s straw boater hats made in Luton ,or they wore cloth caps.Most of the men wore hats.

Horses and bikes were the main source of transport if you were well off , otherwise Shankseys pony was the order of the day.


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I just received A NEW  Replacement TENVIS IP391W_HD for £25 when the original camera died after 8 months..  now the infra red picture quality is much better  , but the firmware and software is completely new , and just as difficult to set up. The screens in the user manual are not for this camera WTF. It is difficult enough to set up without using screen shots from another model.  DO NOT BUY A CAMERA FROM TENVIS THEY STINK AND DO NOT WORK ON MOTION DETECTION AT NIGHT THEY KEEP FREZING AND YOU HAVE TO TURN THE POWER ON AND OFF TO GET THEM GOING AGAIN. THEY WILL NOT HONOUR THE 12 MONTH WARRANTY EITHER THEY JUST TRY AND SELL YOU ANOTHER ONE A BIT CHEAPER.                  DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE


dEVICE TIME Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.39.53

ENCODER PARAM Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.40.49 IP and Port Screenshot LIVE VIDEO Screenshot 2014-02-17 18.34.50 mISC Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.40.08 MOTION DETECT Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.47.39 NETWORK STORAGE Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.49.56 NIC Screenshot OSD Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.41.00 PPOE Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.38.56 RECORD SETTING Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.48.02 SMTP Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.39.16 SYSTEM iNFO Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.39.39 UPnP Screenshot 2014-02-18 10.39.27

iF YOU HAVE BOUGHT ONE OF THESE this is how to set it up for recording Motion Detection to your on board sdcard then sending emails every time somebody goes into your camera detection area.It has taken a week to set it up due to poor documentation and it needing new firmware do to an sdcard bug. I had loads of issues and has to resolve them myself as the answers from support were silly.

I managed to update the firmware without losing all my settings ,without resetting the camera, with network cables and with my laptop on battery.

DO NOT USE THE FILE THEY DIRECTED ME TO THOUGH  set_fat-tenvis.pk2 this didn’t work but I found another link for a file called this worked first time on Internet explorer.

Setting up Alarm Mask.

Clear old settings.

delete old scheduled times.

Add a new scheduled time

hold CTRL key down

click left mouse and hold down ,select the required square then press ok

trigger area is now set.


to run i.e. as administrator left click it’s icon on the bottom of screen then left click it again

to get all the buttons up on the live video screen go into i.e. tools ,compatibility view , then add the cameras network address

i have to keep doing this tho every time i go in.cos it keeps losing it.

Port Mapping for talktalk Huawei Router H533

others should be very similar

I have just read before you set port forwarding you must give your laptop a static ip address. THIS IS WRONG

I just did these through Network and Sharing Centre ( ipv4)

and changed dhcp to static addressing setting this to what came up in ipconfig , for sub net mask , and default gateway as well.

WHEN I REBOOTED I HAD NO INTERNET CONNECTION , so I had to change it back again.

pORT FORWARDING is opening port 8001 on ip address
sign into router admin,admin
port mapping
add ,then type in
remote host LEAVE EMPTY
ext end port same as computer                              i.e.8001
internal host computer ip address               (what yours is)
internal port computer port                                     i.e.8001
mapping name anthing you like                              i.e.Clives


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I can open the remote address in my own computer. So I’m sure you have done all and all is correct.
The reason why you can no open the Internet address in your computer is because your computer is in the same LAN as the camera is, while my computer is not in that LAN. Therefore, your computer can only open the LAN view address.
Some routers don’t support that the computer which is in the same LAN to open the Internet view address. So that is not a problem for camera. It is the router doesn’t support that function. You can ask whether your friends whose computer is not in the LAN can open the Internet address.


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thanks if you can open it ,it must be working ok .Our WORK IS ALL DONE
I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS CAMERA . I GOT false alerts , ESPECIALLY when it rains , I GOT 63 LAST NIGHT,  and if you enjoy tinkering with computers cos its not easy to set up , it is about 1/3 the price of other similar cameras .There support team normally respond to your questions within 24hrs which is excellent , and they don’t lose patience with you if you ask loads of questions LIKE I DO. Oh yeah I shorted the powersupply out for 10 mins ,the cable broke when i tried pulling it out of the wall, the bare wires were all twisted together , before I got down the ladder and went upstairs to turn it off. TO MY SURPRISE  IT STILL WORKED WHEN I SOLDERED THEM BACK TOGETHER. i THOUGHT i WOULD HAVE TO BUY A NEW 12V PSU FOR SURE
THE NIGHT TIME SHOTS ARE NOT VERY GOOD QUALITY EITHER. mY Camera went short circuit after 8 months as well , luckily it has a 12 month guarantee , but I have just paid £25 for a completely new one. I only did this cos it would have cost me £8 to post it back then 1-2 month wait for it to be repaired.

My days of being in a Rock/Pop Group

Arlesey Funday 2014 1Arlesey Funday 2014 2Arlesey Funday 2014Arlesey funday2014 5

I had joined a new group after seeing the leader play his guitar I thought he was great and he was my hero.

A mod always immaculately dressed in the latest mod slightly effeminate clothes.

He could really talk the talk as well telling us where we were going and how good we were goina be.

He swung his guitar around when he played and jumped right up in the air ,swinging his plectrum arm in circles like a windmill.

Then oneday I saw him at work in a bellboys uniform outside the Grand Hotel.

A fucking bellboy!!

If he is my hero and he is only a bellboy , what does that make me…….SHIT!!

I went to our practice all disallusioned.

At the  practice ,  as usual the drummer turned up late.

He eventually turned up and said come and have a look at my new car.

A Mark One Lotus Cortina very nice we said it was a really smart top of the range car.

We thought have the fuck can he afford the flash motor , we only had scooters.

He said I just go and park it up in the multistorey , ok don’t be long.

We start started practising again when a car salesman turned up and said WHAT’S THE name of the group I make the invoice payable to, the WhAT.?

No to fucking      gEOFF Moon ,         no you don’t understand its the groups car.,the salesman said.

No you DON’T FUCKING understand we ain’t paying for it , it’s GEOFF Moon’s FUCKING CAR.

HE’S FUCKING paying for it.

He went then Geoff turned up we had a go at him but he didn’t seem to know what we were talking about .

So we got down to practising a new number

It was going shit I had been there 3 hrs , Pete hadn’t been listening to my opinion on what was going wrong.

He had another idea and wanted to start it again right from the begining doing it all different again.

Look I said you lot have been fucking about all night now when it’s getting late you want to change it all.

The leader came charging over and started prodding me in the chest saying I’m the leader you do what I say.

I said fuck off you’re only a Bell Boy , you ain’t in charge of me , I’m my own man.

He took his guitar off , grabbed hold of it by the neck and swung it at my head.

I ducked and it glanced off my shoulder.

The other members of the group grabbed my arms , he then swung a right , and they let go off my arms as I dodged it.

He then swung a left , I got him with an upcut and he went down and passed out.

I thought of well my days of being in this group are over.

I was the singer and Rythm guitarist.

Fuck them I thought they fucking grabbed my arms like it was me who was starting it.


Isn’t it funny how sometimes they never blame the person who starts it and the often blame the innocent one just cos he’s their mate.

I was actually in 2 groups but this isn’t my story , it’s a bit the Who and a bit madeup or changed slightly and a bit Quadraphenia., but i HOPE A GOOD STORY.

I went to see the WHO in 1969 at the Mecca Stevenage.               They were only only on for about 45mins and 15 minutes of that they were just smashing up their equipment.                                               We were all gutted as we were 15 year olds struggling to get half decent amps!!!                                                                                          And the performance was crap even tho I managed to get one of Keith Moon’s drumsticks.                                                                               I stupidly gave it to a girl at school , and she hasn’t got it any more I recently asked her about it.Marian Stevens from Henlow.                 She married a Ritchard Clements.

I once got called up on the stage in Tenerifie.

They drummer did some  fancy drumming , then passed his sticks to me. I did what he did and a bit more , they crowd loved it and so did I. I am a bit of an exhibitionist when I’ve had a drink.!!

Another time we played at my brothers 21 year do at the brickground Hotel. Gary Jeeves was our drummer and was using his dad Des’ Premier drums.Roy Weedon played bass guitar ,and Chris Broadbent lead. One of the local Hard Nuts Norman Easter wanted to have a go on the drums to one of our numbers.

Gary was very reluctant in case they got damaged but Norman really could play those drums . Norman got home very late and had Paul Maher with him. Norman let Paul go in first. Norman’s wife was waiting behind the door and hit Paul over the head with the frying pan knocking him out cold. TRUE!

Another time Alistair Dando let us play at one of his gigs at Stotfold memorial Hall.                                               We put our guitars over our necks then drove over  there on our scooters.                                        They let us plug into their amps and use their drums.                           I don’t know where Gary Jeeves knew Alistair well or Chris Broadbent got the gig.                                                                                                    It went quite well , but Phil Payne played a brilliant version of Purple Haze , or was it Hey Joe.

Another gig we played at was at the old Methodist Hall. I think this was our first gig and we were only allowed to play one number the house of the Rising Son. A singer for this gig was the girl who went on to marry Terry Judge and the Barristers. He was a seriously good singer but never got the breaks. Somebody else rerecorded one of his vynals  and got a top three hit with it. I thought Terry’s version was better. We had his record and I lent it to Gary but never got it back.