A Very Special Man Reverend James Beavan

Reverend Bevan

CCAW-C3b-018   Rev-Bevan circa 1947

Reverend Beavan marrying dad’s sergeant Raffaelo Buonogorio to Cynthia Musk both were prisoners of War in the Arlesey Camp.

When I was down the churchyard tidying up the families graves I saw Patsy Hare (maiden name).

She used to live diagonally opposite me in Lynton Ave. We lived at No 10 for fourteen years. Mrs Morgan a mutual friend lived on the corner the other side of the road to us. We talked about the old days. Patsy showed me where Mrs Morgan’s grave was , and she said that unmarked grave next to hers is the Reverend Bevan. She said he never wanted his grave marked , well I was worried that the plot might get re-used.

MUM & DAD WEDDING mrs morgan

Mrs Morgan holding the girl

The Reverend Bevan helped my dad come back to his fiancée (my mum) after the war In 1948. In those days it was very difficult to come to England. You had to have a job , somewhere to live , and a professional person to pay to send you home if you could no longer support yourself. Mrs Annie Morgan was the live-in vicars house keeper , and was married to Joe Morgan an ex miner from Durham, but very close to the vicar. She even inherited all his beautiful furniture when he died. Then Mrs Morgan retired ,and she got a council house near us and we stayed good friends with her. She even used to look after me sometimes.


the Old Vicarage why was it pulled down? it was much more attractive than the new one. Notice it has 3 floors.

Reverend Bevan got my dad a job at City Field farm working for farmer Rawlins. He also let my dad lodge at the Old vicarage for 6 weeks before he got married and helped my mum with the paperwork to bring him back to England. The vicar married them and let them have the reception at the Old St Peters Church Hall (now owned by the PIANO man).

CCAW-C3b-015     St Peters School when used as church hall

St Peters Church Hall


Rev Beavan taking the Silver Jubilee Open Air service at Arlesey Primary School in the Thirties.

Rightly or wrongly I made a cross out of some Mahogany and fitted a Brass Plate the I had inscribed.

reverend beavan's grave

See the small cross bottom right

Every week I go to cut the grass round the family graves , I always check to make sure Reverend Beavan’s cross is still there