About clive salvatore lombari

I love a good story , a good photo , a bit of gossip or a bit of scandal.

I can’t keep anything to myself whatever is upstairs comes out of my mouth.

I used to be a service engineer so I’m good at fixing things.

My latest hobby is playing the guitar 4 year student.  CHECK OUT CLIVE LOMBARI ON YOU TUBE i HAVE PUT ABOUT .  I CAN NORMALLY PRINT OFF THE CHORDS and lyrics THEN RECORD IT THE SAME DAY. I have even have a go at singing now. I have an Italian name but only speak it a bit.

I am also a bit of a computer geek.

I don;t work any more so I have plenty of hobby time just wish I had more energy.

So don’t tell me anything u want kept quiet , if u want everyone to know  then by all means tell me.    just saying!!!

I’m the 1 wid der chain roond ‘is nek!!

Sadly my mum and sister have now passed away.

4 thoughts on “About clive salvatore lombari

    • Yes i just wanted to print your side of the story to my Arlesey Lake blogg.Just hearing one side of the story i.e. the people who used to walk their dogs round the lake.And I do understand the anglers don’t like the public walking round the lake behind them.


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