How Joan Brinkler Orschell Papp made Time Magazine

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Joan told me she had met my dad at the local fair . She told me she used to go out with my dad before he met my mum. And told me what a gentleman he was when they went for walks up the Pitts in dad’s dinner hour.

This is the story of how an Arlesey girl got a story in Time magazine in 1948 , they even sent a reporter over to England to get the story.This is Francis Levison’s story printed in the November 1948 Edition of Time magazine. I found the story on the internet when I googled her name. I then went to her house and talked to her. She had been living in Hungary but had recently come back to Arlesey to live in her old house. When Joan and Heinz got their first home , Heinz went to carry Joan over the threshold but somebody had scratched a large Swastika on the concrete threshold . Joan had two lovely blonde daughters with Heinz before the marriage broke up in the early to mid fifties. They kept in touch and are still friendly now.

A recent photo of Heinz Orschel

Her German husband was Heinz Orschel is still living in Amptill and remarried a German women called Bridgette . Heinz couldn’t go back to East Germany cos the Red Army was very unforgiving .There are horror stories about what happened there when the Red Army marched into East Germany.

Joan remarried a Hungarian revolutionary fighter who had to escape to England in the 1956 Uprising to escape the Russians.He is Gyula Papp and he gave me his story as well.

How love came to Mrs B

In World War II some Italians were captured in North Africa.

Some of them were sent to Arlesey Prisoner of War Camp near the old cement works.

This is the story of my dad’s friend and sargeant Raffaele Buonogurio.

Don’t forget the Italians hanged Mussolini for siding with Adolph Hitler and even in the 1956 when I went there on holiday , the Germans were very unpopular  because their soldiers stole all the poor locals food when the were stationed in Italy leaving them with no thing to eat at all.Even my grandmother was forced at gunpoint to kill all their chickens and cook them for the German soldiers. Every single one of the chickens. They took everything off them. In an old letter I have my nonno says then the Americans came they weren’t as cruel as the Germans but were always drunk.

Those Italians who were helping the British war effort were allowed out and they both met Arlesey women and fell in love.

After the war finished and they were repatriated , but it was one hell of a job to get back to England.

My dad had to have a job to go to , somewhere to live , and a professional person to vouch for him and if necessary the money to send him home if he couldn’t support himself.

Reverend Bevan was that man , he gave him a room at the old vicarage , and got him a job at City Field Farm with Mr Rawlins. And was his guarantor.

There were over 100 love letters that  my mum had kept , that is how long there were kept apart.

Arlesey Old vicarage photo.

Because Cynthia Musk was having so much trouble getting Raffaele back in England she decided to go and live in Naples with him. It was so hot over there and the food was that different to ours that she couldn’t settle . So she persevered and eventually got him back to England in 1947. 2 years later , my dad didn’t get over here until 1948. Some of dads letters were sent from an English prisoner of War Camp in 1946. So it even took time to get sent back to Italy. I saw in one of Cynthia’s letters that Ralph had been promoted to being in charge of a Camp.

Reverend Bevan

This is the letter Cynthia had published in The People national paper.

I met Cynthia in Morrisons a few weeks ago and she is still able to go shopping on her own. Raffaele died a long time ago.

Raffaele Buonagurio and Cynthia Musk 1947

There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch and Olympic torch runner parade

Caron picked me after at 10.15 and guess wot? Bloody raining.   About 1/2 mile before the Two Chimneys Public House the traffic was  moving slowly.

Everybody was allowed to park in the Spirella car park for the day tho , which relieved the situation.

Martin Kearns’ work land rover who is a Letchworth Heritage Foundation Ranger.

I have never seen so many people in Letchworth in my life and it was 1 hr before the torch relay was due to arrive. They was a massive police presence , with police cars going passed every few seconds . The only time i have seen anything like this was wen princess Diana was visiting Merthyr Tydfil .These pictures are just still shots taken from a video I made from video camera , that I rarely use.

While I was writing this last night there was a massive debate going on about why the olympics were allowing  obese making products to sponsor the games. Coke Cola for example and the answer was cos they were the only ones offering money , and without them there would be no games. McDonalds are another , they have the biggest McDonalds in the world on the Olympic site catering for up to 1,500.

I could go on to ask why Corporate Companies have a stranglehold on all Major sporting events , and why the more rich and powerful you are the more freebies you get given.Why companies are willing to do jobs for free for the council , but I’ll save that one for another blogg.

There were police sirens going passed , there was a choir singing.

I later saw some Morriss Dancers , and some young lady baton twirling majorettes.

Damn a blinking hair or something

She said keep the bottle it is a limited edition souvenir!! thanks…

There goes Maria she is straight in for her granson Jack!!

Quite tricky crossing the road.

Not quite sure wot these were but Jack was told to bang them together. Nice Quad bikes tho’

One proper police lady?

A Determined but thoroughly wet crowd.

Even this lady was out in the heavy rain in a disabled scooter and on oxygen was determined not to miss the Olympic Relay Torch runner

I missed the shot of the olympic torch relay runner I had to get it of my mate Gary Howard from Letchworth. I was waiting at Eastcheap probably the most congested part of letchworth.

We then bought some medals as a momento of the day , to go with our free coke special edition aluminium bottles.

The Flag and medalman

Now to the Free Hogg roast my niece Caron Heudebourck invited me to. This was being run by Letchworth Heritage Foundation in the SPIRELLA building.

The torch runner taken by young Jack on his mum’s shoulders.

As we walked in there were a choice of soft drinks , Pimms , or red or white wine.

Clive and Maria playing a backing role to Jack

We then had some hogg roast , burger and salad. Another glass of wine and finished off strawberries and cream.

My freebies


Free lunch at Letchworth Heritage Foundation with niece Karen Heudebourk and Jack Heudebourck Kearns. Caron is the Restaurant Manager.

See my Free Olympic Torch Relay Coke in the special made limited edition bottle in previous photo.

And my Gold Medal.

Jack finishing up his free lunch

I said to Jack wot happened to ur face he said Kensey did it.

I said how did it happen and he said Kensey was just being mean!!!

Shame about my thumb!!

Jack would only keep the facepaint on for 1 pic

Should have had mine done

Jack was keen on wearing my wax cap , but boy did I need it waiting for 50mins for the Olympic Torch Relay runner in the rain.

I missed the most important shot even my 4yr old nephew got a shot of her DERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Soon as the photos were done Jack wanted the face painting off , yet he wants the face painter booked for his Birthday party in September.

We were all belted up in the car , then Jack remember he had left his medal round his dad’s neck in the ballroom where he was still working.      Course Jack needed and wanted it!! mum had to go back in and fetch it.

My days of being in a Rock/Pop Group

Arlesey Funday 2014 1Arlesey Funday 2014 2Arlesey Funday 2014Arlesey funday2014 5

I had joined a new group after seeing the leader play his guitar I thought he was great and he was my hero.

A mod always immaculately dressed in the latest mod slightly effeminate clothes.

He could really talk the talk as well telling us where we were going and how good we were goina be.

He swung his guitar around when he played and jumped right up in the air ,swinging his plectrum arm in circles like a windmill.

Then oneday I saw him at work in a bellboys uniform outside the Grand Hotel.

A fucking bellboy!!

If he is my hero and he is only a bellboy , what does that make me…….SHIT!!

I went to our practice all disallusioned.

At the  practice ,  as usual the drummer turned up late.

He eventually turned up and said come and have a look at my new car.

A Mark One Lotus Cortina very nice we said it was a really smart top of the range car.

We thought have the fuck can he afford the flash motor , we only had scooters.

He said I just go and park it up in the multistorey , ok don’t be long.

We start started practising again when a car salesman turned up and said WHAT’S THE name of the group I make the invoice payable to, the WhAT.?

No to fucking      gEOFF Moon ,         no you don’t understand its the groups car.,the salesman said.

No you DON’T FUCKING understand we ain’t paying for it , it’s GEOFF Moon’s FUCKING CAR.

HE’S FUCKING paying for it.

He went then Geoff turned up we had a go at him but he didn’t seem to know what we were talking about .

So we got down to practising a new number

It was going shit I had been there 3 hrs , Pete hadn’t been listening to my opinion on what was going wrong.

He had another idea and wanted to start it again right from the begining doing it all different again.

Look I said you lot have been fucking about all night now when it’s getting late you want to change it all.

The leader came charging over and started prodding me in the chest saying I’m the leader you do what I say.

I said fuck off you’re only a Bell Boy , you ain’t in charge of me , I’m my own man.

He took his guitar off , grabbed hold of it by the neck and swung it at my head.

I ducked and it glanced off my shoulder.

The other members of the group grabbed my arms , he then swung a right , and they let go off my arms as I dodged it.

He then swung a left , I got him with an upcut and he went down and passed out.

I thought of well my days of being in this group are over.

I was the singer and Rythm guitarist.

Fuck them I thought they fucking grabbed my arms like it was me who was starting it.


Isn’t it funny how sometimes they never blame the person who starts it and the often blame the innocent one just cos he’s their mate.

I was actually in 2 groups but this isn’t my story , it’s a bit the Who and a bit madeup or changed slightly and a bit Quadraphenia., but i HOPE A GOOD STORY.

I went to see the WHO in 1969 at the Mecca Stevenage.               They were only only on for about 45mins and 15 minutes of that they were just smashing up their equipment.                                               We were all gutted as we were 15 year olds struggling to get half decent amps!!!                                                                                          And the performance was crap even tho I managed to get one of Keith Moon’s drumsticks.                                                                               I stupidly gave it to a girl at school , and she hasn’t got it any more I recently asked her about it.Marian Stevens from Henlow.                 She married a Ritchard Clements.

I once got called up on the stage in Tenerifie.

They drummer did some  fancy drumming , then passed his sticks to me. I did what he did and a bit more , they crowd loved it and so did I. I am a bit of an exhibitionist when I’ve had a drink.!!

Another time we played at my brothers 21 year do at the brickground Hotel. Gary Jeeves was our drummer and was using his dad Des’ Premier drums.Roy Weedon played bass guitar ,and Chris Broadbent lead. One of the local Hard Nuts Norman Easter wanted to have a go on the drums to one of our numbers.

Gary was very reluctant in case they got damaged but Norman really could play those drums . Norman got home very late and had Paul Maher with him. Norman let Paul go in first. Norman’s wife was waiting behind the door and hit Paul over the head with the frying pan knocking him out cold. TRUE!

Another time Alistair Dando let us play at one of his gigs at Stotfold memorial Hall.                                               We put our guitars over our necks then drove over  there on our scooters.                                        They let us plug into their amps and use their drums.                           I don’t know where Gary Jeeves knew Alistair well or Chris Broadbent got the gig.                                                                                                    It went quite well , but Phil Payne played a brilliant version of Purple Haze , or was it Hey Joe.

Another gig we played at was at the old Methodist Hall. I think this was our first gig and we were only allowed to play one number the house of the Rising Son. A singer for this gig was the girl who went on to marry Terry Judge and the Barristers. He was a seriously good singer but never got the breaks. Somebody else rerecorded one of his vynals  and got a top three hit with it. I thought Terry’s version was better. We had his record and I lent it to Gary but never got it back.