My favourite 2012 Team GB Olympic moments

Louis got a silver and the same score as the Hungarian who won gold.The Hungarian  was the many times World Champion , and had better execution , but Cox higher difficulty . The Team GB also won the  bronze medal for the first time.

beth t2 beth t

Former World and European Champions , Beth Tweedle 27 has had 6 broken ankles , 3 broken shoulders , and broke both cheekbones , no wonder after her olympic bronze she is going to retire. She born in South Africa , and an Olympic medal was the only honour she hadn’t won.

We all wondered if Mo could get a medal in the 5,000 cos he looked very tired in the heats.He dug deep and did a fantastic double which makes him the king of the British team winning both events.I can’t remember any other British althlete winning one gold let alone both events.Team Gb only won 4 golds in track and field in total.

Mo Farah put in a very impressive performance considering he was favourite in 10,000. He seemed to win with ease and ran the perfect race.Well done Mo.His very preganant wife joined him on the track to celebrate.

Nicola Davis won gold beating a 3 times world champion and put her down .She is so tiny when sat sat on Gary Lineker’s couch her feet were 6 inches off the ground , and she never stopped smiling. You couldn’t help loving her , her enthuisiam is infectious , and her endearing strong Yorkshire accent. Such power and speed from one so small. Velodrome proved very sucessful for the Male team who won another Gold . The seats for the Velodrome were the hottest seats in Town , and we competely dominated the Cycling much to the annoyance of the French , who complained voiciferously. We won the vast majority of golds even tho the events were changed to try to make cycling more equal.  Chris Frome also got a medal in the road race and Bradley our first Gold Medal only 6 days after winning the Tour de France.Bradley Wiggins was so cool calm and collected before the race. So confident that nobody was going to beat him. He said I was best in the World 6 days ago and nothing has changed since then.

We have had some competetive male high jumpers recently and Rob Grabarz continued that vein winning a bronze but I believee he was a possible gold man .

Beccy Adlington also worn an early medal. So it was medals at 2 consecutive games.  This is a fantastic picture of the start of her race ,I love it .She won two medals this time as well unfortunately not gold this time tho. But still a terrific achievement.

  Golden girl Victoria Pendleton there is nothing you can’t like about the Stotfold girl. She comes across as vulnerable and meek. The opposite of Anna Meares who is physical and bustling cyclist , with powerful thighs, with the build of a sprinter.

What an exiting talent Laura Trott is. When she won her first gold the team’s reaction was the epitome of pure happiness. Laura’s bubbleyness and little giggle makes you laugh as well. She went on to win an individual gold to go with it. Lets hope she can pick up the mantle from Vicki Pendleton. Laura has a wonderful smile , the smile of the games

laura-trott-2 laura trott

Golden Jess Ennis a huge class above the rest. We have a history of being great in the Heptathelon , shame the rest of track field don’t measure up.

Jessica+Ennis+high+jump+(2) jessica ennis_2192680a jessica Ennis-MBE-2_2189916a Jessica_Ennis_Long_2189943a Jessica_Ennis_shot_2189939a

I think Jessica Ennis was the Queen of the London Olympics. To be only 5 foot 4″ and to have to do the High jump , and hurdles , in fact she could have won gold in the normal hurdles. To be excellent at 7 events is some feat , and compete against quite a few six footers and beating them is truely remarkable. There was the added expectation of being the Facce of  the Games coming up to The London Olympics as well . Everyone thinking she w2as our best chance of a definite gold.

Christine Ohuguru just missed consecutive golds , she hadn’t been in form but still managed to get below 50 seconds. A world class run in the most demanding of sprint events . You really have to be fit to run this otherwise you die in the home straight.

What I say about Chris Hoy gold medals in 3 consecutive games and still winning golds at 36. He started the upsurge in British Cycling. A great ambassador and a gentleman . A humble man who will make time for everybody.

British Long Jump Gold medals come along very rarely Lyn Davies is the last one I remember a long time ago. Greg Rutherford was favourite , but has had lots of injuries so it was sweet for the Milton Keynes man to win gold.