How to completely banish stress in just THREE MINUTES (and you can do it at your desk without anyone noticing) 


According to Emmy-Lou Knowles, Mediation Coach and Intuitive Healer at, there is – and anyone can master it.
All you need to do is close your eyes or simply stare at a fixed point if you are at your desk for example and place your feet flat on the floor for stability.

Next, turn all focus to pulling in your breath, sucking the oxygen deep into your belly through the nose as though pulling breath in through two straws up the nostrils.

Then, simply sigh. ‘A sigh is wonderful as it’s effectively telling the body that we are going to hit the reset button on the pattern,’ she said.

Then start counting the breath in and out through the nose as per the breathing ritual in the pink box.

You should repeat this eight times – or at whichever number feels good and comfortable for you – visualising and allowing the shoulders, eyes, mouth and brow to soften.


– In for one, out for one

– In for two, out for two

– In for three, out for three

– In for four, out for four

– In for five, out for five

– In for six, out for six

– In for seven, out for seven

– In for eight and out for eight





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