Bury Meadow Arlesey Stripped Naked

Bury Meadow has been fenced off for development and every tree shrub or clump of  grass removed. Isn't January the wrong time of year to do this?
Some wildlife are hibernating .I understand a Flailing machine was used as well.
So the only things left living here are insects .All the wildlife  has been       EVICTED and anti-wildlife fencing put up to stop any coming back . I'm told the only protected species living there were lizards.So much  Arlesey History has       happened there.

bury Meadow11
Bury meadow1
Aerial Photos courtesy Steve Maddox the second one has the houses with the        underpinned foundations due to subsidence
Bury Meadow Fenced off

anti-animal fencing

The above photos with anti-animal fences courtesy Margaret Lambert


The clearing machine and Wheatley builders van is was all done in less than one week.


Thomson Ecological Contractors
So Bury Meadow was regularly used for Arlesey functions. The owner of The Bury    Mansion H.Goodwin allowed the Bury Common to be used for Arlesey Functions before London Brick Company bought it and they continued this tradition. Fairfield       Hospital were also former owners and used it for staff accomodation with resident stewards.
the bury1 Arlesey Football team  played there when the football team started drinking more pints in the True Briton , than in the Lamb Inn.The Lamb Inn who owned Lamb Meadow football , and cricket pitch.
bobby moore and pele
Arlesey Colts Bury Meadow

Bottom picture the owner of the Bury top left H Goodwin and his son sitting in    Arlesey strip front left also named H.Goodwin  1935

London Brick Bowling Club had an immaculate bowling green there.
LBC bowling club
London Brick Arlesey Works Bowling Club badge courtesy Richard Knight.
A recreational ground for children of the village was built next door to St Peters Hall on Bury Meadow.This probably staying in use until the new Village Hall and  playing field was built in 1972.I know this date as we were the first people to   hire the Hall for my sister Maria's wedding. The bury meadow recreational park got into a bad state of repair. I guess because there was a new one the and the      council didn't want to maintain both of them.
 A lovely thatched house for the maintenance foreman of London Brick Company was  built in 1909 on Bury Meadow.
Bedford House chase hillJean Pillar lived there.They moved to Arlesey from Surrey in 1956 when he dad was promoted to Maintenance foreman.Jean and her older sister Wendy and younger       brother Peter lived happily in it until 1968 when they had to move out due to     subsidence.Her mum and dad and siblings loved that house.Jean her mum Vera and    brother Peter only live a very short walk from the old Bedford House.Jean said    they were told Goodwins lived in the house before them.I know Goodwins lived in   Bury Mansion because I have put a photo of father and son on in the Corinthians   football photo.
London Brick did offer them Bedford House for £4000 but the price of the          under-pinning of the foundations pushed it out of their price range.Do you know   why this house fell down , CAUSE THE PILLARS MOVED OUT.

Seriously it was demolished.Imagine how much it would be worth now? Why didn't    London Brick have the foundations under-pinned then sell it.Loads of old Arlesey  house were demolished rather than be repaired CRAWLEY TERRACE for example near    NIGHTING gale terrace.I had Allen family ancestors living there.
They built those houses on the front of Bury Meadow, and guess what they subsided and the foundations had to be under-pinned. 
Bury Meadow was used for village fetes, and for a First World War March for Peace with a fete after (Band of Hope Parade), and a  church service.
church service Bedford House 1916 Service for Peace
1950 Arlesey Fete  above and below.

1950 Maypole dance
Headquarters for the Home Guard (Bury Lodge) I remember just fields being between Bury Lodge and St Peters Church until The Rally was built in the Late 1950's.I    remember because my Late uncle George Allen and family were allocated one of these concrete houses.
bury lodge
Allegedly there is a tunnel that runs underground to Arlesey Church .Is there     anywhere in Arlesey that has more history on it.Possibly a lot more that i don't  know about.The beauty contest needs to be confirmed cos it could have been at Dr Davis' fete at Chase House.
beauty contest
The Band of Hope parade 1915 marched to Bury Meadow before having a Fete.


Bedford House 1909.There was a dated plaque on it Jean Pillar told me.
Bedford house 3





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