The Band Of Hope Parade Through Arlesey and Other Old Photos (16 old Photos)

10-the-gardens-henlow-5-bells-car-park bedfordshire_regiment_cap_badge cementworks first-arlesey-team medal roll card  old-vicarage ranji  Three counties farmers1 youngherbertI assume this Band of Hope  parade 1915 was organised to try and lift spirits during the First World War.The parade started at Newtown Arlesey and they marched to Bury Meadow where they had organised a Fete with various displays.

CCAW-C3e-004 CCAW-C4e-002 DSS-D2a-075 DSS-D2a-078 DSS-D2a-079 DSS-D2a-080 DSS-D2a-081

There are two photos of the Firemen probably employed by Three Counties Asylum.

Don’t just love the frilly clothes from that era. Notice the shoes are very substantial.

The girls wore pineys to keep their clothes clean , and the men’s straw boater hats made in Luton ,or they wore cloth caps.Most of the men wore hats.

Horses and bikes were the main source of transport if you were well off , otherwise Shankseys pony was the order of the day.

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