Tenvis IP 391W Outdoor Surveilance Security Camera Review £55

Wish I had read the reviews on Tenvis Ip cameras before I bought one.

It is nightmare to set up apparently , even for an experienced IT person like me.

It was difficult getting the wifi to work ,The picture wasn’t brilliant . The reviews said don’t waste your money. Oh well maybe I’ll be lucky with my one. As if.


Actually I quite liked it and I am going to go for the Hd version of this camera which is only slightly more expensive and has a built in 4gb sd card to record to , when the camera detects motion. So this goes to show that bad reviews are not gospel , and sometimes unfair. I could see why non technical people could struggle setting them up and then give a bad review. British cameras of a similar spec are  something like £150 almost 3 times as expensive. The camera looked solid well built and durable , with a reasonable quality picture. Nothing like my Logitech c920 webcam quality tho. But of course the web cam is wired.

TENVIS-391W-Waterproof-Outdoor-Wireless-IP-IR-Camera-18-LED-IP391w-Night-Visi tenvis IP391W 05   TENVIS-391W-Waterproof-Outdoor-Wireless- Tenvis-IP-391W-Wireless-Camera-

The review

This records to a laptop or notebook .

I connected the camera up to the router with a lan cable

I clicked on the Tenvis Search tool icon

The camera was found as

I install the internet exporer plugin that came with the software

I now clicked on internet explorer on the camera menu and I was asked for the camera login username and password I type in admin,admin and starting seeing the live video.

Setting up wifi on the ip camera




set the subnet mask the same as the pc’ one

set the default gateway to the routers ip address last digit it is normally 1 the others the same as the pc’s

set the dns server’s ip address to that of the router

Check the ip cameras ip address is higher than the pc’s and the other digits are the same.

Save the settings , remove lan cable from camera.

hit internet explorer on the cameras top menu

Log on again and you should see live video again this time wirelessly

Port Forwarding

For Huawei Routers

1. Enter the internal IP address of your router in the address bar of web browser. For these 

Port Mapping


The car is distorted due to the speed it was travelling at , and the cameras frames per second.

The photos were taken as stills from my video.

Day two I started looking at the recording software. Dvsimage.

You have to set up a group I set up group1

I then searched for cameras

It found mine , I then added it to the group 1 and saved it

I then clicked on the ip port number of the camera until a the camera icon came up.

I left clicked the camera icon and selected record.

The icon changed colour from blue to yellow (recording)

I let it record for half an hour.

I selected play back set the time to present minus half an hour.

Selected search then 30 one minute .asf files came up and I inspected them.

If you were using a camera with a 32 gigabyte sd card that only records to sd card you would have to be change it every day .That means putting ladder up to camera and fitting another sd card before downloading its images off of the origanal one.

i am sending it back to 2day due to not being hd and rethink before getting a different one. probably a motion detect record to sd card . Tenvis ip 981w – HD

tenvis-ip391w-hd-720p-h-264-outdoor-surveillance ip391whd

tenvis spectenvis hd

Actually it is £18 more but worth iT      It SUPPORTS Support Network Attached Storage (NAS) function

Customer service leaves a bit to be desired though.I requested a refund first thing Friday Morning.

Got this response Mon.You are allowed a full refund within fourteen days on anything you buy on ebay.

From: eBay Member: clivesalvatore60
Date: 2014-01-31 17:56
To: 51buyintheus
Subject: Returns: clivesalvatore60 sent a message about Tenvis IP391W IP Camera Wifi WATERPROOF Wireless Security CCTV Outdoor UK STOCK #181045463095
Dear 51buyusa,i would like to return this item it is not suitable

– clivesalvatore60
Thanks for your email and purhcase in our store, it is my pleasure to serve you here.
Really sorry for not response to you timely because of The Spring Festevial in China, please kindly forgive us for the delayed response.
We are so sorry to hear that the item brings you troubles and inconvenience,we will responsible
for this matter,please don’t worry.
My friend,we get the item directly from our supplier and it in a good condition when it posted to you.
As for such situation,would you mind tell us the problem in detail,
we need to confirm the probablem firstly and try to give some
techical solutions to you,is that fine?
If the item still not suitable,we will resend or refund to you after you kindly help us return the item,please don’t worry.
Your understanding will be higly appreciated .Thanks.We will be responsible for our product,please don’t worry.Thanks~
 THEY HAVEN’T  EVEN SENT ME A RETURN ADDRESS?? not boding well for a refund.

The advert showed a union jack and said item location Hayes united kingdom , now they are suddenly talking broken english and saying shipped from china.

Hello clivesalvatore60,

Seller’s message:

‘You can return to the following address, once you returned it,please tell us the tracking number (this is very important for issue a refund) so we can refund you in advance. Thomas Wang Attn: RMA140205-2077 7 Trident Way SOUTHALL UB2 5LF United Kingdom Note: 1. Please be sure to write EG0054401 on the package. Otherwise, the package cannot be accepted. 2. Please write the word “Defective ” on the package. 3.Once you returned to us,please tell us the tracking number so we can take further actions in advance.




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