A Montage of Arlesey Primary School 11 OLD PHOTOS

Arlesey Primary School potato race    arlesey celebration   Open Air Service at Arlesey Primary School Rev Beavan Outside Arlesey primary school      Headmasters,Mr Appleby  Mr currans and Mr Amos the caretakers Arlesey       back of old school  Arlesey primary school carol

Carol Lombari this was taken in 1977 she was expecting with my son Paul, the school was demolished in 1981.

bond_minicar Arlesey sportsday 1962OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImage

The three-wheeler car belonged to head teacher of the Enfants Mrs Roberts.

I started school at 4.5 after Easter and had to go into Mrs Worboys class of the children who were a year older , and had started in the previous September.Jimmy Allen , Andy Fivez  , and Phil Mason were in this class. Miss Worboys used to bring in home made toffee and give it to us. She was a lovely woman unlike Miss Montague , who I can never remember being nice once.Mr Hunt was a sadistic using his cane every day , I remember him caning me just for smiling. He said you must have been up to mischieve otherwise you wouldn’t be smiling.

Mrs Camp and Mrs Brown used to patrol the playground of the enfants at lunch time.Mrs Camp’s husband had been an Army Major.Mrs Camp lived at Beverley house , with her daughter and family the Steptoes.Susan Steptoe went onto to be headgirl at Etonbury , and Gill had a horse called Shadow , she let me have a go on him a few times. As did Christine Seward on her horse can’t remember his name but he was old and cantankerous. He made it difficult for you to mount and would suddenly stop dead and start eating the grass , sending you flying over his neck.

Mrs Roberts came to school in a 3 wheeler car. It was 1957 and the car was a Bond and the photo is the actual colour .They produced them until 1965 .The whole top of the car used to have to lift up when she got out of it. And the was no reverse gear.So she used to push it into her parking space.
It was our first class and one day she saw a knob of poo on the floor , nobody owned up to it so she had all the kids one at a time up to her desk. She checked down the back of their pants or knickers until she found the culprit. I can’t see the would get away with doing something like that now. But in those days nobody took ant notice.
Once I took my boxing gloves to school , and came home with 2 black eyes. Everybody wanted to fight me . I thought this will be ok even if they were older kids cos I made sure I always had the right hand glove . What I had forgotten to account for was that some of them would be left-handed SHIT!! I remember there was only one set of toilets at this school and this was in a free standing block outside on its own .

The dinning room was heated by gas heaters the type before balanced flues , and in the winter by the time you had eaten your first course they were choking you to death . The boys played in the front playground and the girls behind the main building . That was for the Juniors , the enfants were allowed to share the same back playground with non teaching staff supervising them Mrs Brown was one , Mrs Camp , Gillian Steptoes gran the other. Mrs Camp , her Major Husband , shared Beverly House Manor with the Steptoes . It had stables and everything , I was a frequent visitor there as Gill and I were good friends . In the second from top class I bought an 11 + book ., because I lived on a council Estate the minority of the kids Grammar schoolers all walked the gauntlet down Lynton  Ave . Wen they came off the School coach in there immaculate uniforms , caps with school badges on or  straw hats for the girls. They got catcalled at , had the pee taken out of them or worse from the other Secondary School kids. So going to Grammar School didn’t seem very appealing. They never played with us “normal” kids either. Soon as they we got into the top class they recommended a different book , I had only got my mum and dad to buy we the  other one a few months ago , and there were 2 other kids as well as me , so I didn’t ask again . Consequently I couldn’t do the homework like the other kids were doing. That’s my excuse for not passing the 11+ anyway.

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