How the Allens Came to Arlesey

How the Allens Came to Arlesey

Our ancestor lost in theWorld War I
Roll of honour
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Lance Corp. 201708 1st Bat. London regiment (Royal Fusiliers)Killed in Action 14th Aug 1917 Son of Phillip Allen Bourne end Wootton. Husband of Sarah Green of Chequers Inn Bessingham Norfolk. Enlisted Handel rd London Resident St Pancras. Commemorated Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Ieper West Vlaaneren Belguim Panel 52

Phillip  Allens Will
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Contents: -Message and garden at Wootton Bone End, now in occ. of his son, Thos., to Thos. -Message in which testator dwells in Wootton Bone End to Rev. Jas. Jenkyn and Rev. Wm. Osborn Jenkyn both of Wootton Vicarage. on trust to sell if and from such sale the monies to be invested on trust to pay his youngest son, Joseph Allen, the interest, dividends or annual produce, subject to a trust to divide all the annual produce among his children, except Thos. and Jos. Proviso that the trustees may use all or portion of the principal for the maintenance or comfort of Jos. Allen, who is of weak intellect and incapable of providing for himself. -All household furniture etc. to his wife, Sarah, and in case of her death before the testator, to J. and W.O. Jenkyn in trust for the children, excepting Thos. Wit: Jas. Jenkyn, Solicitor, 11 John St, Adelphi. C.H.J, Jenkyn, Wootton. Signed with mark of testator

front of assylum allen cottage
Census 1841
In 1841 there was this man called Philip Allen ,who was born in 1786..
He lived in Wood End , Wootton near Kempston ,he was 10 years older than his wife Sarah who was born in1796. In Houghton.
Living at home with him was George ,12 and Joeseph .
One of his other sons James Allen , 15 an agricultural labourer was living with Wood End farmer Robert Savill 55and his wife Mary. 50
The farmer had another labourer William Rowles 30 and servant Elizabeth Nilson also boarding there.
I believe another of his sons Thomas Allen 32 ,agricultural labourer and wife Hannah Perkins 29 lived next door..
They took Hannah’s dad Thomas Perkins 57 and brother-in-law in David 23 in when persumably Hannah’s mum died.

the old farm house guess the farm manager lived here

farmers3 WWWOPAC (1) fairfield hospital gate aerial view three counties arlesey
Census 1851
Philip was now 67 and still working.
Sarah was 58 and a lace maker.
George Allen agricultural labourer was 22 and still at home.
Joeseph Allen 19 never married was still at home, but James 24 was now back at home and married to Eliza aged 22.Joseph since told was of weak intellect unable to support himself.
Eliza was from Kempston.
Brother Thomas living next door now had 2 children Wiiliam 8 ,and a baby John 9 months.
Quite a big age gap.
Hannahs father and brother were still living with them.
Perhaps that’s why they didn’t have too many children.
Census 1861
James 34 and Eliza 33 now had their own house and four at 3 counties asylum
Emma 8 ,Elizabeth 5 ,joeseph 3 and Alfred 1.
Joeseph wasn’t on the next census so presumably he died.
Philip Allen had died so Sarah 69 was now a widow living at home with Joeseph.31
Census 1871
James was now 44 and living at The Three Counties Asylum as an Agricultural labourer
Eliza was 42 and down as a farm labourer asylum wife.
They lived at 12 Asylum cottages.
They had lost Joeseph , but had had 3 more children ,making 6 in total..
So now there was Emma 19 , elizabeth 15 , alfred 11 , Sarah 9, Harriet 5 and James 3
at no 16 Ebenezer Hart is down as an Asylum Servant.
Census 1881
James was now 55 and Eliza 53 ,there is only Harriet 15 and James 14 left at home.
So presumably Emma ,and Elizabeth have got married.
Alfred I believe is in the Beds 33rd Battalion Reg based in Depot Kempston.
Under Major Clifton Westby 1/16 th Regiment from London Middlesex.
He is down as soldier single aged 19 Private Bedfordshire Militia
Harriet is down as a straw Plaiter and young James down as an Agricultural Labourer.
The Address is down as Asylum road Stotfold.141 ,next door at 142 are the Lesters who is a Clerk at the Asylum ,he was from Stagsden.
At 140 are the Keenans who is from Ireland and is Head Attendant at the Asylum.
Census 1891
James has retired as he is now 67, wife Eliza is 65 ,
They therefore have moved out of the asylum and are living at 122 Crawley terrace.
Big Jim a General Labourer is married to Ellen Dear and they have a son Herbert 4 and a daughter Elizabeth 2.
Also living in Crawley Terrace is
Obidiah Houghton general labourer @ 119 Crawley
James Dear brickyard labourer at 120 ,
Thomas Presland Cement works labourer at 121 ,
George Albon cement works labourer 121 ,
Arthur Mosely general labourer 123 ,
William Prutton farm labourer 124 ,
Abraham Prutton general labourer. At 125
Census 1901
James 33 a Cement Burner has moved out and is now living at Asylum road Arlesey no 237
Herbert my grandad is 14 , lizzie Ann Goss is 12, Beatrice Louise Ansell 9 (Aunt Louie) , Norah 6 , and the Baby Alexandra Violet May 3 months (Aunt Violet).
Neighbours are James Goodwin Labourer ,Brian Johnson Baker ,John Asam Horse Keeper on farm,Charles Asam Asylum Attendant ,Henry G Dear a Cement Labourer ,Charles Rainbow Brick Labourer ,John Templemam Brick Labourer ,Harry Jeeves Brick labourer ,Charles Parcell Brick Labourer ,
New Road Arlesey
Census 1911
James Allen ,Cement Burner 43 has moved again for the fourth time Asylum cottages ,Crawley Terrace ,Asylum Rd ,now 40 New Road.(hitchin rd jubilee cres)
Only Norah 16 and Alexandra Violet May were still living at home.
Herbert was in the Army doing his National Service,Lizzie was probably married to Goss
and Louie to Ansell who was in charge of the Shoe Repairing at the Three Counties hospital.
Ansell was a cricket nut and was always the umpire for the Three Counties Cricket Team
I know Big Jim then moved to Gothic Farm and then finally to Primrose lane where they finished their days.
Nellie Allen (Dear) ran the Fairfield Garage shop.
Walking distance from their house.,
Alfred “Punch”Allen
James ii only had one older brother called Alfred , otherwise there would be a lot more Allens in the village.He was five years older than James.
In 1881 Alfred was in the Army.
I have census records for Alfred who was by all accounts a Cricket fanatic and called one of his sons Ranjit Singh Allen (Ranji) his grave is in St Peters chuchyard with his sister Mary Frances Allen . Ranjit Singh was one of the best batsman of all time .He had six children.
1891 Census Alfred Allen
Alfred Allen a Cement Works Labourer 31,lived at Hitchin rd,
Sarah was 29 ,her eldest son was George W 7, then Agnes 4 ,then Alfred 2
1901 Census Alfred Allen
Alfred Cement Labourer 41 lived at 106 Hitchin road.
His wife Sarah was 39 and came from Stotfold.
They had 6 children , William General farm labourer 17, Alfred 12 , Norah 9 , Madge 6 , Ethel 4 and Ranji 1
Agnes was gone presumably died The Alfreds were real characters and were nicknamed Punch.
Punch was a well built man but with short legs.
One day he was walking over the common and a man with a horse came up to him.
He said “What are you doing this is private land .My father was given this land by the King
for fighting for him”Punch replied “If you get off your horse and come down here I’ll fight you for it”With that the horseman turned his horse and quickly rode off.
Alexandra Violet May Burr

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