How Joan Brinkler Orschell Papp made Time Magazine

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Joan told me she had met my dad at the local fair . She told me she used to go out with my dad before he met my mum. And told me what a gentleman he was when they went for walks up the Pitts in dad’s dinner hour.

This is the story of how an Arlesey girl got a story in Time magazine in 1948 , they even sent a reporter over to England to get the story.This is Francis Levison’s story printed in the November 1948 Edition of Time magazine. I found the story on the internet when I googled her name. I then went to her house and talked to her. She had been living in Hungary but had recently come back to Arlesey to live in her old house. When Joan and Heinz got their first home , Heinz went to carry Joan over the threshold but somebody had scratched a large Swastika on the concrete threshold . Joan had two lovely blonde daughters with Heinz before the marriage broke up in the early to mid fifties. They kept in touch and are still friendly now.

A recent photo of Heinz Orschel

Her German husband was Heinz Orschel is still living in Amptill and remarried a German women called Bridgette . Heinz couldn’t go back to East Germany cos the Red Army was very unforgiving .There are horror stories about what happened there when the Red Army marched into East Germany.

Joan remarried a Hungarian revolutionary fighter who had to escape to England in the 1956 Uprising to escape the Russians.He is Gyula Papp and he gave me his story as well.

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