There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch and Olympic torch runner parade

Caron picked me after at 10.15 and guess wot? Bloody raining.   About 1/2 mile before the Two Chimneys Public House the traffic was  moving slowly.

Everybody was allowed to park in the Spirella car park for the day tho , which relieved the situation.

Martin Kearns’ work land rover who is a Letchworth Heritage Foundation Ranger.

I have never seen so many people in Letchworth in my life and it was 1 hr before the torch relay was due to arrive. They was a massive police presence , with police cars going passed every few seconds . The only time i have seen anything like this was wen princess Diana was visiting Merthyr Tydfil .These pictures are just still shots taken from a video I made from video camera , that I rarely use.

While I was writing this last night there was a massive debate going on about why the olympics were allowing  obese making products to sponsor the games. Coke Cola for example and the answer was cos they were the only ones offering money , and without them there would be no games. McDonalds are another , they have the biggest McDonalds in the world on the Olympic site catering for up to 1,500.

I could go on to ask why Corporate Companies have a stranglehold on all Major sporting events , and why the more rich and powerful you are the more freebies you get given.Why companies are willing to do jobs for free for the council , but I’ll save that one for another blogg.

There were police sirens going passed , there was a choir singing.

I later saw some Morriss Dancers , and some young lady baton twirling majorettes.

Damn a blinking hair or something

She said keep the bottle it is a limited edition souvenir!! thanks…

There goes Maria she is straight in for her granson Jack!!

Quite tricky crossing the road.

Not quite sure wot these were but Jack was told to bang them together. Nice Quad bikes tho’

One proper police lady?

A Determined but thoroughly wet crowd.

Even this lady was out in the heavy rain in a disabled scooter and on oxygen was determined not to miss the Olympic Relay Torch runner

I missed the shot of the olympic torch relay runner I had to get it of my mate Gary Howard from Letchworth. I was waiting at Eastcheap probably the most congested part of letchworth.

We then bought some medals as a momento of the day , to go with our free coke special edition aluminium bottles.

The Flag and medalman

Now to the Free Hogg roast my niece Caron Heudebourck invited me to. This was being run by Letchworth Heritage Foundation in the SPIRELLA building.

The torch runner taken by young Jack on his mum’s shoulders.

As we walked in there were a choice of soft drinks , Pimms , or red or white wine.

Clive and Maria playing a backing role to Jack

We then had some hogg roast , burger and salad. Another glass of wine and finished off strawberries and cream.

My freebies


Free lunch at Letchworth Heritage Foundation with niece Karen Heudebourk and Jack Heudebourck Kearns. Caron is the Restaurant Manager.

See my Free Olympic Torch Relay Coke in the special made limited edition bottle in previous photo.

And my Gold Medal.

Jack finishing up his free lunch

I said to Jack wot happened to ur face he said Kensey did it.

I said how did it happen and he said Kensey was just being mean!!!

Shame about my thumb!!

Jack would only keep the facepaint on for 1 pic

Should have had mine done

Jack was keen on wearing my wax cap , but boy did I need it waiting for 50mins for the Olympic Torch Relay runner in the rain.

I missed the most important shot even my 4yr old nephew got a shot of her DERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Soon as the photos were done Jack wanted the face painting off , yet he wants the face painter booked for his Birthday party in September.

We were all belted up in the car , then Jack remember he had left his medal round his dad’s neck in the ballroom where he was still working.      Course Jack needed and wanted it!! mum had to go back in and fetch it.

3 thoughts on “There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch and Olympic torch runner parade

  1. know what you mean we got stuck in the slow traffic by fairfield. We left the car near the farm and walked to the grange round about, we couldnt have got a better place, saw 1 runner then watched has he lit the other runners torch, shame about the weather.


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