Photos of Greatgranddad and Nanna James Allen and Ellen Nellie Dear


James Allen was born in one of the Asylum Cottages in Stotfold 1867.


The Asylum Cottage.


James father Jim Allen is probably on this picture and was approaching retirement age.


Ellen Nellie Dear daughter of The Fountain public house Arlesey big jim’s wife 

I am Andrew Dear b. Luton 1941 but using my wife’s Ancestry account to contact you.
I came across your Blog about Arlesey and realised we are related – at least by marriage. Ellen was sister to my great grandfather William Dear b. 1857 who worked as a labourer in the Arlesey brickyards. His son, my grandfather Mark played for the Arlesey football team way back when. Mark worked on the railways for 52 years manning Luton West signal box for a good part of that time.

You will see that I have attempted to trace the DEARs back as far as possible and tentatively made it back to the mid 1500s – all of that time in and around Arlesey!

It will be interesting to see how our families link up.

James DEAR, Bapt 8 Dec 1597, Shillington
> >James DEAR, Bapt 24 Nov 1631, Arlesey
> >William DEAR, Bapt 23 Aug 1652, Arlesey
> >Abraham DEAR, Bapt 6 Jan 1687, Arlesey
> >John DEAR, Bapt 23 Jun 1717, Arlesey
> >Nathaniel DEAR, Bapt 4 Sep 1748, Arlesey
> >Thomas DEAR, Bapt 3 Feb 1782, Arlesey
> >George DEAR, Bapt 10 Mar 1811, Arlesey
> >George DEAR, Bapt 13 Oct 1833, Arlesey HE WAS ELLEN DEAR ALLEN’S DAD
> >William DEAR, Born 19 Jun 1857, Arlesey ELLEN’S BROTHER
> >Mark DEAR, Born 17 May 1891, Arlesey
> >Ronald DEAR, Born 11 Apr 1918 , Luton.
> >
> >Not a very mobile lot were they!

James Allen married Ellen Nellie Dear just before his dad retired from work , so they started their married life up the Asylum , before soon moving to the now demolished Crawley Terrace .James Allen was very good at fighting and after doing very well against an ageing profession in a Hitchin Fair Boxing Booth he was offered a job .The aging professional was let go . I guess that is the name of the game.James Allen spent 4 years doing this until his young son Herbert was approaching school. James then got a house in Asylum road.

A Team of Fairground Boxers about 1900

Assylum Road

He now needed a job and got one at Arlesey Cement Works there were more jobs than people in Arlesey in the early 1900’s. They went on to have 3 girls. Lizzie Elizabeth Anne , Beatrice Loiusa Louie , and Alexandra ,Violet May .

James worked here happily until it closed in 1932 , he then was offered a live in job running Gothic farm. This was going back to what James was doing before he was a professional boxer.

He had his oldest son Herbert and wife Polly Mills living with him at Asylum Rd and they all moved to Gothic Farm. They also had 4 children . Mollie , twins Daisey and Jim , Alma . Herbert was working up the Brickyard , and his last child George was born at Gothic Farm. Herbert then got promotion at the Brickyard to foreman and a house at the brickyard went with the Job.

James Allen was getting older now and starting to take it a bit easier , so he moved to Primrose Lane , and they took over Japps shop where Fairfield Car Wash now is.

Primrose Lane Cottage

Notice the wood clad houses where the Co-op butchers used to be.Like one granddad is standing infront of.

the shop is on the extreme left of the screen with the guy leaning up against it. Notice the horse manure in the road!!

Great gran Nellie deear with her daughter Alexandra Violet May Allen and grandchildren.

They look in their seventies in this photo at Primrose Lane

A bit of a Do at the W.I. extreme left of photo again Nellie then Jim

You can keep your hat on nan!

Nellie Dear Allen at Mum’s wedding in May 1948

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